Nurse Staffing Committee Toolkit

Nurse Staffing Committee Toolkit

During 2023, representatives from VHHA and the Virginia Nurses Association (VNA) worked to develop a Nurse Staffing Committee Framework and Principles for Developing Nurse Staffing Plans. The goal was to create a Framework and Principles that could be used by hospitals and health systems as they develop and implement Nurse Staffing Committees. Nurse Staffing Committees are standing committees that review nurse staffing on a regular basis and collaborate on continuous improvement to ensure positive patient outcomes, a healthy and safe work environment, and a culture of transparency. Staffing committees ensure the critical voice and contributions of our nursing teams are engaged and recognized to solve workload and staffing challenges.

In April 2024, the VHHA Board of Directors voted to adopt the developed Framework and implement Nurse Staffing Committees in their hospitals. 

This toolkit (last updated May 23, 2024) includes resources and documents to assist hospital teams with implementing Nurse Staffing Committees. The Nurse Staffing Committee Framework document should serve as a structured template for this work while also allowing flexibility for individual hospitals to customize plans appropriate for their unique needs. Links to guidance documents are provided below.

Nurse Staffing Committee Framework

FAQ: Nurse Staffing Committees

Sample: Nurse Staffing Committee Purpose, Objective, and Structure Document

Sample: Initial Staffing Committee Agenda

Sample: Standing Staffing Committee Agenda

Sample: Staffing Committee QI Audit Tool

Sample: Hospital Staffing Committee Announcements

Sample: Concern Form