Health Care Transparency Tools

Hospital Price Transparency Tools and

Financial Assistance Policies

As part of VHHA’s continuing work to enhance public understanding of the health care delivery system in Virginia and beyond, this page provides links to certain health care cost and financial information for VHHA member hospitals. It includes a listing of links to hospitals’ machine-readable files that describe items and services, standard charges, and other information; a link to hospital price estimator tools, a link list of hospitals’ 300 shoppable services file in lieu of a price estimate tool. This page also provides links to the financial assistance policies of various Virginia hospitals. From 2006-2022, VHHA maintained the PricePoint website that provided hospital charge information. In its place, VHHA has updated this page with links to facility-specific information to help enhance patients’ understanding of their cost for particular hospital services. Hospitals also provide this information on their website in accordance with applicable federal and state standards.