Distinguished Service

(1968) Charles P. Cardwell Jr.
(1974) Max Goodloe
(1980) Charles S. Elliott
(1984) William H. Flannagan
(1984) William H. Green Jr.
(1984) John F. Harlan Jr.
(1984) David G. Williamson Jr.
(1985) W.C. Bloxom
(1985) Raymond E. Hogan
(1985) William R. Reid
(1985) Robert H. Thomas
(1986) George E. Bokinsky
(1986) Hunter A. Grumbles
(1986) Gibson Howell
(1987) Nathan Bushnell III
(1987) Harold Prather
(1989) Stuart D. Ogren
(1993) J. Edward Sweet Jr.
(1994) E.L. Derring
(1995) Kenneth H. Axtell
(1995) Glenn R. Mitchell
(1996) Lester L. Lamb
(1997) Kenneth L. Waddell
(1998) John N. Simpson
(1999) Thomas L. Robertson
(2001) Wickliffe S. Lyne
(2002) T. Carter Melton Jr.
(2003) Donald S. Buckley
(2005) Chris A. Lumsden
(2006) Michael J. Halseth
(2007) Christopher M. Carney
(2007) Laurens Sartoris
(2009) William M. Moss
(2010) George W. Dawson
(2012) Rodger H. Baker
(2013) Deborah R. Lipes
(2013) Sheldon M. Retchin
(2015) David L. Bernd
(2017) John F. Duval
(2018) John L. Fitzgerald
(2019) Fred M. Rankin III
(2022) James C. Cole
(2022) Mark H. Merrill
(2023) James D. Dahling
(2023) William B. Downey
(2023) Howard P. Kern
(2023) Dr. Kurt Newman

Meritorious Service

(1992) Donald E. Lorton
(1995) Gordon D. McLean
(1996) E. George Middleton Jr.
(1997) Edna Brockwell
(1997) Charles M. “Pete” Hearn
(1998) Archie E. Cromer Jr.
(1998) Howard L. Greenhouse
(1999) William S. Tennant
(2000) William A. “Pete” Johnston
(2001) James S. Watkinson
(2003) Katharine M. Webb
(2004) L. Darrell Powers
(2005) Edward A. Smith, Jr.
(2006) Xavier R. Richardson
(2006) Calbreith L. Simpson
(2008) Beth M. Duke
(2009) Shirley Rogers Gibson
(2011) Dale A. Carroll, MD, MPH
(2012) Jennifer A. Smith
(2015) Rear Admiral Alton L. Stocks, M.D. (Ret.)
(2017) Rev. Dr, Sylvia Tucker
(2018) Nathaniel L. Bishop, D.Min.
(2019) Donald B. Halliwill
(2019) Dr. Jose Oberholzer, MD
(2022) Nancy W. Littlefield
(2023) Eileen L. Dohmann
(2023) Peter F. Gallagher

Excellence in Governance

(2005) J. Samuel Glasscock
(2006) Douglas V. Carson
(2007) Barbara B. Stoltzfus
(2008) George B. Cartledge, Jr.
(2008) Rodger W. Fauber
(2009) Constance R. Kincheloe
(2009) John M. Toups
(2009) Joseph R. Wilson
(2010) Spencer D. Quesenberry
(2011) F. Dixon Whitworth, Jr.
(2012) Warner Dalhouse
(2012) John F. Fick III
(2013) Frank R. Campbell
(2015) Otey C. Dudley
(2017) James A. Hartley
(2018) Alda L. White and Robert “Bob” C. Fort
(2019) Alan S. Witt
(2022) Penelope A. “Penny” Gross
(2022) Dian Calderone
(2023) Steve Danziger

Virginia is a state full of winners in the health care field. Some have excelled in the public eye; others have performed wonders quietly. To recognize these individuals and entities, VHHA presents Outstanding Service Awards at our annual Fall Conference.

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Outstanding Service Awards

The VHHA Outstanding Service Awards recognize hospital and health care leaders who have made a real difference to Virginia’s hospitals and health systems, and to health care through selfless, energetic, and passionate engagement. Award categories include:

  • Distinguished Service – given to a past or current chief executive officer with a long record of performing outstanding, valuable, and unique services to the hospital and health system community.
  • Meritorious Service – honors a person, other than a CEO, affiliated with a VHHA member who has a history of making significant contributions to health care, on the state and local level, through a commitment to service and leadership.
  • Excellence in Governance – recognizes a person who serves on the governing body of a member hospital or health system who has a history of making significant contributions to health care, on the state and local level, through a commitment to service and leadership.


Any representative from a VHHA institutional member may nominate someone for an award, which are presented during the anual VHHA Fall Conference. Nominations must be submitted on the form that can be accessed online here. Submissions should include a resumé and a one-page narrative that summarizes the candidate’s accomplishments and cites the reason for the nomination. Letters of recommendation and other supporting materials may be attached to the submissions. The mailing address for nomination is:

VHHA Governance Committee
P.O. Box 31394
Richmond, VA 23294-1394

Winner Selection

Nominations are evaluated and chosen by the VHHA Governance Committee. The committee reserves the right not to present an award in any category.