August 2011 Review – Healthy Business Improving the Health of Virginia’s Workforce

August 1, 2011

Increasing efficiency. Raising the quality bar. Controlling costs. Maintaining a stable workforce. These words have been staples in the health care vocabulary for years. They are being uttered on a daily basis by someone in the health care field, but now they are being heard everywhere. National health care reform, the economy and the federal deficit and debt limit, to name a few issues, have brought these words into mainstream conversations. Politicians, policymakers, pundits and the public are clamoring for changes to the health care delivery system (that don’t necessarily affect them) to make it more efficient, quality oriented, less expensive and viable for the long term. There are no easy fixes or answers to resolving changes to the system and not everyone is going to be happy with the outcomes.

But a creative and engaged community is reshaping and rethinking health care for Virginians with exciting ideas and initiatives. Virginia’s business community, which includes hospitals and health systems, is working towards improving the health and wellbeing of its employees while lowering costs, increasing efficiency, raising quality and maintaining a stable workforce.

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