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Patients Come First Podcast – Dr. Jeff DiLisi and Stephanie Jackson, DNP

July 21, 2020

This episode of VHHA’s Patients Come First podcast series features an interview with Virginia Hospital Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff DiLisi and Sentara Obici Hospital Vice President and Nurse Executive Stephanie Jackson, DNP, who have helped lead the VHHA Chief Medical Officers COVID-19 Operational Issues Forum and the VHHA Chief Nursing Officers COVID-19 Operational Issues, respectively. The conversation covers COVID-19 collaboration among hospital clinical leaders, lessons learned, and more. Send questions, comments or feedback to pcfpodcast@vhha.com, or contact us on Instagram or Twitter using the #PatientsComeFirst hashtag.

Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association · VHHA Patients Come First Podcast – Dr. Jeff DeLisi And Stephanie Jackson