The latest edition of FYI Weekly includes a recap of VHHA Board Chairman Dr. Michael McDermott’s participation in a statewide news conference with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to provide a public update on the work being done to respond to the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic; an update on the two-year, $135 billion state budget legislation recently adopted by the Virginia General Assembly; an announcement that the scheduled VHHA Annual Meeting in April has been canceled due to health concerns; details about a new episode of VHHA’s Patients Come First podcast featuring Rosemary Trible, who channeled personal experience as an assault survivor into action as the founder of Fear 2 Freedom, a non-profit group that works with sexual assault survivors and educates students and communities about sexual violence; a summary of activity and engagement by VHHA staff members as a part of their member-focused advocacy work; the announcement of a new screening training module for physicians by the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services; and much more

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